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  Quercus x viveri

Sennen ex A.Camus 1936 Bull. Soc. Bot. France 82: 439

Synonyms canariensis x petraea
[according to Govaerts; for other Authors (O.Schwarz) it is canariensis x robur, and for C.Vicioso it is canariensis X petraea subsp huguetiana]
Local names
Range Northern Spain (near Barcelona);
Growth habit 20-25 m;
Leaves 8-20 x 6-10 cm, leathery, semi-evergreen; very heterogenous, even on the same twig; apex obtuse; base auricled or asymmetrical; margin wavy and lobed, often lobulate; soon glabrescent above; somewhat fluffy beneath, becoming hairless and glaucous; 6-9 parallel vein pairs, without sinusal veins; petiole irregularly pinkish white tomentose, 0.8-2.5 cm long;
Flowers flowering in May;
Fruits fruit sessile or on a short (to 1cm), thick, greyish tomentose peduncle; cup scales appressed, more or less convex, pubescent, dark grey; acorn enclosed almost entirely by cup; stigmas flat, curved;

Bark, twigs and

twig sulcate, greyish, tomentose at first, becoming glabrescent; bud 5-9 mm long, pointed, with ciliate, obtuse scales;
Hardiness zone, habitat

For today's Spanish Authors (F.M.Vazquez & al.), according to C.Vicioso, this taxon is the hybrid between Q. canariensis and Q.petraea subsp. huguetiana. More recently, the same Authors (2018) place this taxon as a synonym of Q. canariensis.

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