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  Quercus x trabutii
Author Hy 1895 Bull. Soc. Bot. France 42: 556

= x legionensis C.Vicioso 1950 pro parte
= x guerangeri Hy 1895

pyrenaica x petraea

Local names
Range S.W. France; North Spain;
Growth habit tall tree;
Leaves 8-15 x 6-9 cm, deciduous, deeply cut; 5-7 vein pairs; hairless above or with some stellate hairs; below with grey, short, dense tomentum of stellate and fasciate hairs; base often asymmétrical; lobes ovate or oblong, entire or more often lobulate; intercalary veins present; petiole pubescent, often hairless at fall, 1-2 cm long;
Flowers male catkins with hairy axis;
Fruits fruit sessile or on short peduncle 0.4-1 cm; scales cup long, obtuse, pubescent, flat; acorn 1.2-2 cm, navelworted or rounded at apex, stylopodium pubescent, stigmas divergent at their base;

Bark, twigs and

twig olive brown or pinkish browh, often pubescent until autumn, with numerous lenticels; bud 4-7 mm, with persistent bracts and pubescent scales; stipules persistent to the fall;
Hardiness zone, habitat
Miscellaneous -- Q.x legionensis is more exactly a hybrid between Q.pyrenaica and Q.petraea subsp. huguetiana, with smaller leaves remaining often pubescent above; 5-8 vein pairs; cup with convex lower scales;

Subspecies and