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  Quercus x senneniana
Author A.Camus 1935
Synonyms faginea x ilex
Local names
Range North Spain;
Growth habit 4 m;
Leaves 1.5-4 x 1-2.5 cm, semi-evergreen, very leathery; lanceolate to oblong; crenate-dentate with few, often inconspicuous teeth (variable margins, actually); adaxially stellate pubescent at first, becoming lustrous and hairless execpt along midrib; paler green beneath with thick, short, yellowish grey stellate tomentum; midrib very prominent beneath; 6-9 parallel vein pairs, often inconspicuous because of the tomentum; no sinusal veins; petiole stellate pubescent, 4-10 mm long;
Flowers male catkins 4-7 cm with hairy axis;
Fruits acorn light brown, 1.6-2.8 cm long, 0.9-1.6 cm wide, with stylopodium persistent; peduncle tomentose, to 1.2 cm long; cup 1-1.6 cm in diameter, enclosing more than 1/2 of nut, with appressed, tomentose scales;

Bark, twigs and

twig minutely tomentose, soon glabrescent; bud 3-5 mm, subacute, with ciliate, pinkish brown scales;
Hardiness zone, habitat

-- There is a nothosubspecies named : Q. x senneniana nothosubsp. tentudaica Vazquez 1996 (see the file)

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