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  Quercus x sampaioana
Author Vila-Viçosa, Capelo, P. Alves, R. Almeida & F.M. Vázquez 2022
Synonyms humilis genuina f. subcrenatolobata Coutinho 1888

estremadurensis X fruticosa
Local names
Range South Portugal; West Andalusia;
Growth habit small shrub, sometimes tree.
Leaves 5-15 cm x 2-8; obovate to rhomboidal; margin entire in the basal 1/3 (like for Q. fruticosa), the apical 2/3 being crenate to dentate-lobulate; adaxially hairless; abaxially glabrescent (stellate trichomes with 8-13 short rays less than 15µm, scattered) and simple trichomes on the midrib and scattered on the rest of the blade; petiole less than 5 mm, glabrous;
Fruits acorns with peduncle reaching 9 cm;

Bark, twigs and

Hardiness zone, habitat among parents;
Subspecies and