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  Quercus pilarius
Author Trel. 1924 Mem. Nat. Acadd. Sci. 20: 44

Diagnosis here
Synonyms insignis subsp and var. pilarius (Trel.)A.E.Murray 1983
yousei Trel. 1924
Local names
Range Mexico (Chiapas); Guatemala; Honduras; Costa-Rica;
Growth habit 4 25 m;
Leaves 6-15(-24) cm x 2.5-4(-7); evergreen; moderately thick and hard; lanceolate to oblanceolate; apex acute; base cuneate to slightly cordate; margin flat or slightly revolute, coarsely crenate-serrate in the apical half, with mucronate teeth; shining and glabrous both sides, with occasional small pubescence on the midrib; 12-15 vein pairs, irregular, with sometimes some intermediates; veins remotely raised above, prominent beneath; petiole short (1-3 mm), thickened at base, glabrate;

Bark, twigs and

twig slender, fluted, sparingly pilose and brown, quick glabrescent, with some raised lenticels; bud subglobose, 3 mm long, with ciliate scales; stipules more or less deciduous, 5-7 mm long, spatulate-ligulate, glabrous or with appressed hairs;
Hardiness zone, habitat
Miscellaneous -- Sub-genus Quercus, Section Quercus, Series Leucomexicanae;
-- Closely related to Q. oocarpa, but differs in having slender, glabrate twigs, and mature leaves hard and hairless or nearly so;
-- Often considered as a synonym of Q. corrugata

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