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  Quercus x pastorae
Author M.A. Pineda, F.M. Vázquez & Sanchez Gullón 2015
Synonyms robur X suber
Local names
Range Spain (a single tree appeared in an area where Q. robur has been planted for reforestation, close to a natural Q. suber forest, in the south of Seville province).
Growth habit reaches 8 meters tall;
Leaves 6-8 x 2-4 cm; deciduous; coriaceous; plane; lanceolate; base cuneate; margin serrate with teeth more or less acute and mucronate; both sides glabrescent, above with frequent simple trichomes, underneath with fascicled and multi-stellate trichomes; up to 10 parallel secondary vein pairs; veins adaxially green, abaxially yellow-red to gree-red with short and long simple hairs; petiole pilose, coriaceous, red, 6-11 mm long;
Flowers male catkins up to 7.5 cm, with 12-37 flowers; female inflorescences with 2-8 flowers
Fruits acorn cup with free scales, on a peduncle up to 3,5 cm;

Bark, twigs and

young twigs glabrous and canaliculate; buds globose with concave, brown, ciliate scales;
Hardiness zone, habitat moderate rainfall (to 900 mm annual precipitation); acidic, deep, sandy soils;
Miscellaneous this taxon has inherited from Q. robur the rather long fruit peduncle and the deciduous leaves; from Q. suber the petiole, the foliar pubescence and the cup scales.

Subspecies and