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  Quercus x numidica
Author Trab. 1889 Bull. Soc. Bot. France 36 : 58
Synonyms suber x afares
= x kabylica Trab. 1890
= x pseudosuber var. castaneifolia Wenz. 1884 nom. inval.
Local names
Range Algeria; 800-1000 m;
Growth habit tall tree, with the habit of Q. afares
Leaves lately deciduous; resemble those of Q. afares, but slightly smaller and more coriaceous; reaching 10 cm long X 5 cm wide, with up to 10 veins pairs ; margin with shallow lobes ending in a short tooth; abaxially white tomentose;
Flowers in June;

acorn maturing mostly second year, in November; cup-scales more or less recurved; less abundant than those of Q. afares.

Bark, twigs and

corky bark on trunk and main branches;
Hardiness zone, habitat forests of mountains, with the parents;

-- Trabut has described 2 morphological forms for this hybrid, depending on the dominant parent; when Q. afares is dominant the leaves are like those of Q. afares but the bark is strongly corky, and this form is Q. x numidica.
When Q. suber is dominant, the name of the hybrid is Q. x kabylica, rather difficult to distinguish from Q. suber, with small leaves (5 cm X 2 cm), 6-7 veins pairs and margins unlobed but with spiny teeth.

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