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  Quercus x neomairei
Author A.Camus 1937 Rivièra Sci. 24: 28

faginea x pyrenaica
= x welwitschii Sampaio 1910 nom. illeg. no Latin descrip.
= lusitanica f. ellipticifolia Cout. 1888
= alpestris var. ellipticifolia (Cout.) A.Camus 1939
= x mairei A.Camus 1935, nom. illeg.
= x numantina Ceballos & Vicioso 1942

Local names
Range Northern Spain; Portugal; Morocco;
Growth habit shrub to 6 m;
Leaves 5-12 x 1.5-6 cm, almost evergreen, leathery; both sides densely tomentose when young; lustrous green above with a few stellate hairs, glabrescent; yellowish grey tomentose beneath, made of fasciate and simple hairs; base attenuate or sometimes rounded, often asymmetrical; margin with both lobes and sinuses narrow; lobes often lobulate; 7-9 parallel vein pairs, with sinusal veins near base; petiole tomentose, pinkish, 7-16 mm long;
Fruits fruit stalkless; cup half-round with numerous, appressed, densely yellowish tomentose scales;

Bark, twigs and

bark greyish brown; young branchlet more or less tomentose; bud 2-4 mm, with ciliate at margin, pinkish scales becoming glabrous;
Hardiness zone, habitat
Miscellaneous -- The plant named "x neomairei" by A. Camus is in fact the hybrid between Q. faginea subsp broteroi and Q. pyrenaica; the species described above is the hybrid between Q. faginea subsp faginea and Q. pyrenaica, so it must be named Q x numantina (on account of the illegitimacy of the name 'welwitschii');

Subspecies and

Q. numantina nothosubsp discreta F.M. Vazquez 2015
=Q. faginea
subsp alpestris X Q. pyrenaica
= Q. coutinhoi Camus 1936 nom. illeg., not Sampaio 1910