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  Quercus x gallaecica
Author Llamas, Lence & Acedo 2003 Lagascalia 23: 87
Synonyms fruticosa (lusitanica) X robur
Local names
Range Spain; Portugal;
Growth habit 1.5 m tall;
Leaves 4-11 x 2-5 cm; deciduous; stiff; obovate; base auricled; margin weakly lobate, lobes obtuse, lacking sometimes near the base; adaxially dark green, almost glabrous or with some hairs identical to those of the underside, plus bulbous hairs; abaxially paler, with multiradiate, stellate, simple uniseriate hairs, and solitary hairs on veins; petiole to 0.5 cm long, nearly glabrous;
Fruits may be sterile, no acorn known;

Bark, twigs and

branchlets subglabrous, with short hairs; bud with glabrous scales, ciliate at margin;
Hardiness zone, habitat
Miscellaneous -- sometimes written gallaecicus
Subspecies and