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  Quercus x duriensis
Author (Franco & Vasconcellos) Vila-Viçosa, Capelo, Alves, Almeida & Vázquez 2022
Synonyms ×coutinhoi f. duriensis Franco & Vasconcellos 1954 [basion.]
×coutinhoi nothosubsp. duriensis (Franco & Vasc.) Monteiro-Henriques & al. 2012

faginea X orocantabrica
Local names
Range Portugal; Douro Basin;
Growth habit tree
Leaves 8-9 cm x 4.5-5.2; intermediate shape between those of the parents; oblong to obovate; base auricled; margin irregular with 7-8 unequal lobes pointed at apex, or crenate; abaxially pubescent to glabrescent, with trichomes uniformly scattered, stellate or multistellate; 7-8 veins pairs, sinusal veins frequent; petiole short (less 1 cm) or absent;
Fruits acorn a peduncle less than 6 cm long;

Bark, twigs and

Hardiness zone, habitat
Subspecies and