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  Quercus x anselmii
Author Sennen 1928
Synonyms canariensis X pubescens
= x subglaucescens A.Camus 1939
= desmotricha O.Schwarz 1936
Local names
Range Spain (near Barcelona). .
Growth habit
Leaves 5-101 cm long, 3-5 cm wide; semi-evergreen, leathery; apex variable, base auricled or truncate; margin sinuate-dentate (regular, triangular, mucronate teeth); bright, glabrous above; white tomentose beneath when young, becoming hairless, waxy, glaucous, with axil tufts; 7-8 vein pairs, usually without sinusal ones; petiole 0.5-1.4 cm long, more or less pubescent;
Fruits acorn 2.5 cm long, apex umbilicate, stylopodium pubescent; several on a 4-10 mm long peduncle; cup with numerous, dense, pubescent, acute, convex scales; basal scar flat;

Bark, twigs and

twigs sulcate, tomentose or soon hairless; bud 5-9 mm, with pubescent scales ciliate at apex; no or very few stipules;
Hardiness zone, habitat

-- For C. Vicioso it is the hybrid between Q. canariensis and Q. cerrioides.

-- For Govaerts & Frodin, it is a synonym of Q.cerrioides, but these Authors are in disagreement with A. Camus and O. Schwarz (among others) who feel that Q. cerrioides is a hybrid between Q. faginea and Q. pubescens. According to C.Vicioso, Q.pubescens subsp pyrenaica (one of the 2 parents of Q.cerrioides for Govaerts, with Q.canariensis) is actually a hybrid between Q.pubescens and Q.faginea, so everybody is satisfied...unless Q.anselmii is not a synonym for Q.cerrioides...

-- For today's Spanish specialists in hybrid oaks in Spain (Alexis Rosell), Q. x anselmii is more exactly the hybrid between Q.cerrioides and Q. canariensis var. ovata; and Q. desmotricha may be the hybrid between Q.canariensis var. carpinifolia and Q.pubescens subsp palensis)

-- For F.M. Vázquez, A. Coombes & al. 2018, this taxon is definitely a hybrid between Q. canariensis and Q. pubescens subsp. subpyrenaica, hence it is a synonym of Q. x cerrioides

Subspecies and
-- Q. x desmotricha O.Schwartz 1936
= canariensis X pubescens subsp palensis
twig strongly tomentose; leaves elliptic, with persistent tomentum beneath, lobes not very deep and often lobulate; 6-8 pairs of secondary veins, usually with sinusal ones; tertiary veins inconspicuous; cup with pointed, oval scales, minutely tomentose; Spain, near Barcelona.
Recently (2018) F.M. Vázquez et al. consider this taxon as a synonym of Q. x cerrioides