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  Quercus x alvesii
Author Vila-Viçosa, Capelo, R. Almeida & F.M. Vázquez 2022
Synonyms lusitanica X rotundifolia
Local names
Range Por t ugal
Growth habit shrub to 1 m;
Leaves 1.2-2.4 cm x 0.6-1.7: ovate, obovate or lanceolate; margin entire in the basal third (as in Q. lusitanica), serrate to denticulate in the apical 2/3, with blunt mucros; adaxially glabrescent, with stellate, multi-stellate and simple trichomes; abaxially tomentose, with trichomes as adaxially with more radiate and fasciculate ones; secondary veins biforked near base, at an angle of 45° with midrib; petiole 2-7 mm long, pubescent.

Bark, twigs and

Hardiness zone, habitat among parents, in moderately wet and thermophilic zones, mainly in forests of Q. rotundifolia.
Subspecies and