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  Quercus x alentejana
Author C. Pinto Gomes & F.M.Vázquez 2015

x numantina Ceballos & Vicioso 1942

faginea X pyrenaica

Local names
Range Portugal (Algarve, Baixo and Alto Alentejo, Estremadura); Spain (some small groups or isolated individuals in Badajoz and Huelva provinces);
Growth habit tree to 35 m
Leaves 6-12 cm x 4-8; deciduous; leathery; lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate; plane; base cuneate; both sides pubescent, with underside various types of trichome: long, simple, fascicled, ramified (as in Q. pyrenaica, which lacks ramified hairs though, that are present in Q. marianica); margin serrate with frequent spiny or mucronate teeth; to 13 vein pairs, yellow beneath, green above; petiole pilose, coriaceous, green, 5-12 mm long;
Flowers variable female inflorescences, with 1-9 flowers; peduncle 5-28 mm long;
Fruits acorn elongate, pointed, reaching 3 cm long and 1.5 cm wide; cupscales appressed, hairy;

Bark, twigs and

bark dark, furrowed into plates; young twigs pubescent, soon becoming glabrous; bud globose, with pubescent, concave, brown scales;
Hardiness zone, habitat hardy zone 7; sandy calcareous soils;
Miscellaneous -- Very polymorphic species.
-- Hybrids with numerous local species, including Q. canariensis, Q. estremadurensis, Q. suber.

Subspecies and