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  Quercus xanthoclada
Author Drake 1890 Bot. (Morot) 4: 149
Synonyms Cyclobalanopsis xanthoclada (Drake) Schottky 1912
Local names
Range Vietnam; Laos; Myanmar;
Growth habit 10-15 m; trunk to 2 m in girth;
Leaves 5.5-15 cm x 3-5; oval or oboval-oblong; apex rounded or shortly acute; base attenuate or rounded; margin remotely dentate near apex, entire or sinuate near base; young leaves densely pubescent both sides; mature leaves hairless; glaucous beneath with abundant wax; midrib slightly impressed adaxially, prominent below; 9-10 vein pairs impressed above, prominent below; petiole 1-3 cm, initially densely yellowish pubescent, then glabrous;
Flowers female flowers in pairs, with 5 pubescent styles connate at base;
Fruits acorn ovoid, truncate at base, 3.5-4 cm long, with basal scare convex; cup nearly campanulate, with a very short stalk, enclosing 1/3 to 1/2 of acorn, with 6-7 concentric rings entire, with thick wall, golden pubescent, glabrescent;

Bark, twigs and

bark white, smooth; twig covered with dense, rough yellow hairs, and some lenticels; bud small, hidden in the tomentum, with rounded, ovate scales;
Hardiness zone, habitat
Miscellaneous -- Camus : tome 1, p. 190,
-- Sub-genus Cerris, section Cyclobalanopsis;

Subspecies and