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  Quercus tungmaiensis
Author Y.T. Chang 1966 Acta Phytotax. Sin. 11: 254
Local names
Range Xizang, 1900 to 2600 m ;
Growth habit up to 30 m.
Leaves 10-20 X 3-4.5 cm; evergreen in its native climate, but deciduous if too cold climate; slightly leathery; ovate-lanceolate; apex acuminate; base rounded; margin serrate, revolute; young leaves covered with greyish, stellate hairs, becoming glabrescent; mature leaves both sides green, glabrous except some sessile fascicled hairs along midvein beneath; 16-20 vein pairs; petiole 0.5-1.5 cm long, at first tomentose, then glabrous;
Fruits acorn 1-1.2 cm in diameter, 1.5-2 cm long; ovate-conical; cup half-round, 0.8-1.2 cm in diameter; maturing in 1 year;

Bark, twigs and

bark greyish brown, scaly; young twigs densely covered with greyish brown pubescence, becoming nearly glabrous;
Hardiness zone, habitat

-- Sub-genus Cerris, section Ilex
-- Threatened (IUCN Red List Category : EN).

-- Differs from Q. lanata in having possibly deciduous leaves, more lateral veins (16-20 paires), acorn maturity always in 1 year, and above all glabrous, green leaves beneath;

-- In Flora of China (2008) it is a synonym of Q. lanata...(?)

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