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  Quercus steenisii
Author Soepadmo 1966 Gard. Bull. Singapore 21: 389
Local names
Range north Sumatra ; 2000 to 3500 m;
Growth habit reaches 15 m tall; trunk to 0.6 m in diameter;
Leaves 3-8 cm x 2-5; thick and coriaceous; oval-elliptic or oval-orbicular; apex rounded, emarginate; base round, obtuse or cordate; margin entire or remotely serrulate in apical half; some brownish, simple hairs above; tawny, woolly tomentose beneath, soon glabrescent; 6-10 pairs of secondary veins prominent below, flat above, straight, parallel, at an angle of 45-60° with the midrib; petiole densely pubescent, 0.2-0.5 cm long, adaxially flat;
Flowers in January; male catkins 5 cm, pubescent; male flowers with pistillode replaced by a tuft of stiff, simple hairs; female inflorescence bearing 2-7 flowers; female flowers 3-4 styles 1-2 mm long, with sometimes staminodes, coriaceous perianth;
Fruits acorn oval or globose, 1-2 cm in diameter, tomentose, glabrescent; stalk 1.5-3 cm long; cupule conical with 7-8 reddish brown pubescent, denticulate, spreading rings; in February;

Bark, twigs and

twig initiallyt with tawny pubescence, late-glabrescent, with lenticels; terminal buds ovoid-ellipsoid, small; stipules linear, 5-10 mm long;
Hardiness zone, habitat not hardy; mossy forests, on ridges;
Miscellaneous -- Sub-genus Cerris, section Cyclobalanopsis;
-- Section Helferiana, sub-section Subpedicellatae (Menitsky);
-- Threatened (IUCN Red List Category : EN).

Subspecies and