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  Quercus x rosacea
Author Bechstein 1813 Sylvan 67
Synonyms petraea x robur
= pedunculata var. rosacea (Bechst.)
Bluff & Fingerh. 1825
= x allardii Hy 1895
= x bossebovii Hy 1895
= x brevipes Heuffel 1850
= x hybrida Bechstein 1816
= x feketei Simonk. 1887
= x intermedia Boenningh. in Reichenb. 1831
= x jahnii Simonk. 1890
= x secalliana C.Vicioso 1950
= x sessilo´des LÚveillÚ 1917
Local names
Range Native hybrid in the whole Europe;
Growth habit

5-15 x 3-10 cm; variable in size and shape; both sides nearly glabrous (rarely with abaxially some solitary, uniseriate and fasciculate hairs on veins and axils and stellate trichomes on the blade); base narrower than in Q. petraea, sometimes auricled; lobes are more regular than in Q.petraea; sinus obtuses, with variable depth; 5-7 vein pairs; petiole glabrous, 0.5-2.5 cm long;

Flowers male catkins with slightly pubescent axis;
Fruits acorn's peduncle is the same length as the petiole of the nearest leave, reaching 4 cm; convex scales cup; cup enclosing 1/3 of the nut; stylopodium short, thick, pubescent;

Bark, twigs and

twigs sulcate, soon glabrous, sometimes slightly pruinose; bud 4-6 mm, apical scales ciliate, persistent;
Hardiness zone, habitat hardy; all types of soils;
Miscellaneous -- Characters intermediate between parents;
-- Sometimes exist, on the same tree, petioles as in Q.petraea and peduncles as in Q.robur;

Subspecies and

-- Q.secalliana C.Vicioso 1950
= Q.x rosacea nothosubsp secalliana (C.Vicioso) Rivas-Mart. & Saenz
it is a hybrid between Q.petraea and Q. robur subsp broteroana .
twig glabrous, gray-brown; bud 3-5 mm, scales mostly hairless buy ciliate; leaves 8-13 x 3.5-5 cm, both sides and midrib hairless; short, rounded lobes not lobulate, with shallow sinuses; asymmetrical base; 4-6 vein pairs, sinusal veins not only at the basal part; irregular tertiary veins; petiole hairless, 1-1.5 cm long; acorn subglobose, almost all enclosed by cup, paired or several on a 3-7 cm long peduncle; cup scales mostly flat, numerous, puberulent; Spain, in the Cordillera Cantabrica.

-- var. filicifolia
= Q. robur 'Filicifolia'
with leaves divided into narrow segments, looking like penniform; dawny beneath as in Q. petraea; petiole elongated; stalked acorn cup;