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  Quercus x richteri
Author Baenitz 1903 Allg. Bot. Z. Syst. 9: 85
Synonyms rubra x palustris
x columnaris Laughlin 1964
Local names
Range Illinois;
Growth habit tall tree, similar to Q. palustris;
Leaves leaves glabrous, as in Q. rubra, but narrower and deeper incised; 4-5 pairs of lobes; base cuneate;
Fruits fertile seeds;

Bark, twigs and

Hardiness zone, habitat hardy; prefers lime-free soils; vigorous tree;

-- Handsome sturdy tree;
-- Comes true from seeds;
-- For The Plant List 2013, Q. x columnaris (Phytologia 9: 488 1964) is a true species.

Subspecies and