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  Quercus pseudococcifera

Desf. 1799, Fl. Atlant., 2: 349.

Diagnosis here

Synonyms fenzlii Kotschy1860
palaestina Kotschy 1860
arcuata Kotschy ex A.DC. 1864
brachybalanos Kotschy ex A.DC. 1864
calliprinos Webb var. brachybalanos (Kotschy ex A.DC.) A.DC. 1864
calliprinos Webb var. inops (Kotschy ex A.DC.) A.DC. 1864
inops Kotschy ex A.DC. 1864
dispar Kotschy ex A.DC. in A.P.de Candolle 1864
calliprinos Webb var. dispar Kotschy 1866
coccifera L. var. palaestina (Kotschy) Boiss1879
sibthorpii Kotschy ex Boiss.1879
coccifera L. subsp. palaestina (Kotschy) Holmboe 1914
calliprinos Webb var. palaestina (Kotschy) Zohary 1961
coccifera L. subsp. rivasmartinezii Capelo & J.C.Costa 2001
rivasmartinezii (Capelo & J.C.Costa) Capelo & J.C.Costa 2005
coccifera auct. pl. non L. 1753
Local names
Range Atlantic Coast of the South-West Portugal (Serra de Arràbida, Serra de Gràndola), never in the Mediterranean Region.
Growth habit reaches 15 m high, trunc to 0.6 m in diameter.
Leaves longer than the leaves of Q. coccifera or Q. calliprinos, with margin often subentire; 7-11 vein pairs, forked.
Fruits acorn oblong; cup with scales stiff and shorter than those of Q. coccifera.

Bark, twigs and

bark fissured into more or less square plates.
Hardiness zone, habitat withstands -14° C;
Miscellaneous -- Actually it is a variety of Q. coccifera isolated in the Atlantic coast of the South-Western Portugal

Subspecies and