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  Quercus x ordenensis
Author F.M. Vázquez, Garcia Alonso & Márquez 2015
Synonyms canariensis X coccifera
Local names
Range South Spain, in Badajoz, Cadix, Ciudad Real ans Malaga Provinces ; among local populations of the parents;
Growth habit shrub reaching 1,8 m; rounded, very branched;
Leaves 2.5-8 cm x 1-4 cm; persistent; leathery; plane; oblong lanceolate to lanceolate; glabrescent above with frequent fascicled trichomes; glabrescent to pubescent beneath with radiate, stellate and frequent multistellate trichomes; margin serrate, spiny; more than 9 pairs of parallel veins, veins green above, yellow below with long and short simple hairs; secondary veins diverging from midrib at an angle less than 37°; petiole hairless, coriaceous, yellow, 3-12 cm long;
Flowers sterile plant (neither male catkins, nor female racemes);

Bark, twigs and

short young twigs pilose, canaliculate; bud globose, with red ciliate scales;
Hardiness zone, habitat the natural area has up to 1200 mm annual precipitation, and deep acidic soils
Miscellaneous this hybrid inherited from Q. coccifera its habit, the persistence of the leaves and the blade magin; from Q. canariensis the petiole and the shape of the blade.

Subspecies and