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  Quercus oidocarpa
Author Korth. 1844 Verh. Nat. Gesch. Ned. Bezitt., Bot. 216
Synonyms Cyclobalanopsis oidocarpa (Korth.) Oerst. 1867
brevistyla A.Camus 1933 (A. Camus : n° 44 )
Local names
Range Sumatra, Borneo, Java, west Malaysia; 600-1500 m;
Growth habit reaches 30 m tall; trunk to 0.5 m in diameter; 
Leaves 7-17 x 3-7 cm; leathery; elliptic-oblong or oblong-lanceolate; apex acute or acuminate; base rounded or attenuate or subcordate; margin remotely serrulate on the apical half; hairless above; scattered stellate hairs beneath; 9-13 pairs of secondary veins slightly prominent beneath, impressed adaxially, parallel, at an angle of 45° with the midrib; petiole 1.5-3.5 cm long, glabrous, slightly grooved adaxially;
Flowers in March-April; male catkins 5-7 cm, pubescent; male flowers with membranous, glabrous perianth; female inflorescence 3-7 cm long, bearing 3-7 flowers ; female flowers without staminode, 3-4 styles 1-2 mm long;
Fruits acorn 2-3.5 cm long, 2.3 cm in diameter, tomentose; ovoid-globose or cylindrical; enclosed 1/2 to 3/4 by  cup; cupule halfround, attenuate and toothed at base, with 9-11 yellowish brown pubescent, denticulate or entire rings; basal scar broad, raised; from June to February;

Bark, twigs and

bark dark grey, fissured into rectangular plates; twig initially densely stiff pubescent, then glabrescent, with lenticels; terminal buds ovoid-globose 3-5 mm long; stipules linear, acute, 3-4 mm long, densely fulvous simple tomentose;  
Hardiness zone, habitat not hardy;
Miscellaneous -- A. Camus : tome 1, p. 213, n° 15;
-- Sub-genus Cerris, Section Cyclobalanopsis;
-- Section Oidocarpa, sub-section Oidocarpae (Menitsky).

Subspecies and