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  Quercus ningangensis
Author (W.C.Cheng & Y.C.Hsu)C.C.Huang 1992 Guihaia 12: 303
Synonyms Cyclobalanopsis ningangensis W.C.Cheng & Y.C.Hsu 1979
Local names ning gang qing gang;
Range China (Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi ) ;
Growth habit reaches 15 m tall ;
Leaves 8-13 x 2-4 cm; thin blade ; oblong-elliptic, elliptic or oval-lanceolate; base rounded or broadly cuneate; apex acuminate to caudate; margin serrate, with glandular hairs; densely convered beneath with short stellate hairs; 14-17 vein pairs slightly raised above; petiole tomentose near base, 1.5-3 cm long;
Flowers pistillate inflorescences 1.5-2 cm long, with 7-10 flowers, only 2 or 3 being fertile;
Fruits acorn 1.5-2 cm long, 0.8-1.2 cm wide, tawny, ellipsoid-oblong, hairy at first becoming glabrous; thin (1 mm) cup, 0.5 cm long, 1 cm wide, outside with some grey hairs, sericeous inside, with 6-7 concentric rings ; scar 5 mm in diameter, almos round; stylopodium persistent;

Bark, twigs and

twigs grey, with scattered hairs;
Hardiness zone, habitat
Miscellaneous -- Sub-genus Cerris, Section Cyclobalanopsis;
-- This species is today considered as a synonym of Q.gambleana;

Subspecies and