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  Quercus macdougallii
Author Martinez 1964 Anales Inst. Biol. Univ. Nac. México 34: 147 1963 publ. 1964.
Local names
Range Mexico (Oaxaca); 2800 to 3000 m;
Growth habit 20-25 m tall; trunk to 1 m in diameter;
Leaves 2-6 x 1-3.5 cm ; deciduous; leathery; oblong elliptic; apex acute or obtuse, mucronate; base rounded, cordate, sometimes asymmetrical; margin thick, slightly revolute, cartilaginous, entire or with 1-3 pairs of mucronate teeth ; shiny, smooth above with some hairs along midrib; abaxially yellowish green, densely covered with short (hardly visible), adpressed, stellate hairs, and with long simple hairs along midrib; 6-10 vein pairs, stongly impressed above, prominent beneath; epidermis smooth, papillose; petiole sulcate, pinkish, slightly pubescent or smooth, 4 mm long;
Flowers froma May to June; female inflorescences bearing at least 4 flowers;
Fruits acorn globose, 1.5-1.7 cm in diameter; sessile; 3 to 4 together; coffee-coloured; smooth, shiny, with a small black ring; cup hemispherical 1.5 cm in diameter, with oval, glaucous tomentose scales; ripening first year in October-November;

Bark, twigs and

grey bark; twig sulcate, flattened, 2-2.5 mm thick, covered with stellate hairs; small buds ovoid, narrow, 1-4 mm long;
Hardiness zone, habitat hardy;
Miscellaneous -- Sub-genus Quercus, Section Quercus, Series Leucomexicanae;
-- Poorly known species from Oaxaca (Sierra de Juarez), not widespreading but not protected;
-- Threatened (IUCN Red List Category : EN).
-- Related to
Q. sapotifolia;

Subspecies and