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  Quercus x macdonaldii
Author Greene & Kellogg 1889 Ill. W. Amer. Oaks 25
Synonyms pacifica x lobata
= dumosa var. macdonaldii (Greene & Kellogg) Jepson 1923
= dumosa subsp macdonaldii (Greene & Kellogg) A.Camus 1935
Local names island scrub oak
Range Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and Santa Catalina Islands at < 600 m;
Growth habit 2-15 m
Leaves deciduous 4-7 cm long, both ends rounded, with 2-4 shallow lobes, thick, stiff, tomentose beneath;
Fruits acorn 2-3 cm, enclosed for 1/3 in hairy cup, maturing in 1 year;

Bark, twigs and

scaly and greyish bark; tomentose twigs;
Hardiness zone, habitat
Miscellaneous -- Absent on american mainland;
-- Named after James Mac Donald who put up the money for the publication of "Illustration of West American Oaks" by Alb. Kellogg and Ed. Greene in 1889;
-- Different from Q.lobata by shallower leaves sinus, smaller and sharper lobes;
-- Fixed hybrid;
Subspecies and