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  Quercus x kerneri
Author Simkovics 1883 Magyar Növényt. Lapok 7: 69
Synonyms pubescens x robur
Local names
Growth habit

4-6 x 3.5-4.5 cm, broad, apex obtuse, base auricled; lobulate lobes with deep sinuses; abaxially with rare uniseriate, solitary and fasciculate hairs, if present mostly on the veins ; 5 vein pairs; petiole tomentose, 4-8mm long;

Fruits acorn sterile;

Bark, twigs and

tomentose, blackish twigs; bud ovoid, pointed, 3-5 mm long, with rusty-brown, pubescent scales;
Hardiness zone, habitat
Subspecies and
2 subspecies:
1/ nothosubsp kerneri
= Q. x kanitziana Borbas 1887
= Q. x hariotii Hy 1902
= Q. sublanuginosa Borbas 1886
= Q. x pseudodalechampii Cretz.
= Q. x csatoi Borbas 1886
= Q. x teriana Vicioso 1950
it is the type subspecies, described above.
-- For some A uthors, Q.x csatoi is a synonym for Q.x rosacea; for Romanian Authors it is a hybrid between Q. robur and Q. polycarpa; moreover, for Romanians, Q. x pseudodalechampii is the hybrid between Q. robur and Q. dalechampii;

2/ nothosubsp monserratti (Vicioso) Rivas Mart. & Saenz de Rivas 1991
= Q. x montserratii C.Vicioso 1948
= Q. robur X Q. pubescens subsp subpyrenaica
 12-15 m ; bark dark brow, rough; twig white tomentose at first, becoming glabrous; leaves 5-11 x 3-5 cm, mature ones both sides glabrous, not waxy beneath, sinuate-lobed with small triangular lobes and acute sinuses; numerous parallel vein pairs; petiole hairless, 8-15 mm long; acorn on a 2-3 cm pubescent stalk; Spain, near Barcelona;
-- For C. Vicioso, this taxon is a hybrid between Q.cerrioides and Q.robur;