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  Quercus x inconstans
Author E.J.Palmer 1929 J. Arnold Arbor. 10: 34
Synonyms emoryi x hypoleucoides
= livermorensis C.H.Muller 1938
Local names
Range Texas (Davis Mountains);
Growth habit
Leaves 4-8 cm x 2-4; coriaceous or subcoriaceous; oblong-elliptic to oblanceolate; base cuneate or narrowed rounded; 2-3 (seldom -4) pairs of pungent, bristle-tipped teeth; slightly revolute margins; above green and thinly stellate-pubescent; abaxially coated with thick, pale, rather easily detached tomentum; veins slightly impressed above, prominent beneath; petiole 6-10 mm long;
Flowers pistillate flowers on short hairy peduncles or nearly sessile;

Bark, twigs and

Hardiness zone, habitat
Miscellaneous -- Section Lobatae;
Subspecies and