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  Quercus hypophaea

Hayata 1913 Icon. Pl. Formosan. 3: 182 1913

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Synonyms Cyclobalanopsis hypophaea (Hayata ) Kudo 1931
Lithocarpus hypophaeus (Hayata) Hayata 1917
Pasania hypophaea (Hayata) Li
Local names rong mao qing gang;
Range SE Taiwan, 0 to 1100 m:
Growth habit reaches 18 m high; trunk to 1.2 m in diameter and more;
Leaves 5-9.5 x 1.5-2.3 cm; narrowly elliptic-lanceolate, or lanceolate or oval-lanceolate; subleathery; green and hairless above, tomentose beneath with stellate hairs; base acute or cuneate; apex pointed, acuminate; margin entire without teeth; midrib raised under; 8-14 slender vein pairs, not evident; petiole 5-10 mm, triangular in cross-section, densely tomentose;
Flowers December-January; male catkins 5 cm long; flowers with filaments glabrous, anthers puberulent; female inflorescences with flowers to 2 mm in diameter, with hairy ovaries and enlarged anthers at tip;

acorn 1.7-2 cm long, 1.3-1.8 cm in diameter, oblate to broadly ovoid or subglobose; shortly mucronate; basal scar 5-8 mm wide, slightly raised; cup enclosing only base of nut, flat, 1.6 cm in diameter, with 7-11 concentric crenate rings ; maturing in January or February of following year;

Bark, twigs and

reddish brown bark; twig slender with whitish hairs, then hairless; small lenticels;
Hardiness zone, habitat not hardy; in broad-leaves evergreen forests;
Miscellaneous -- A. Camus : tome 1, p. 364, n° 83;
-- Sub-genus Cerris, Section Cyclobalanopsis;
-- Section Lepidotricha (Menitsky);

Subspecies and