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  Quercus hypargyrea
Author (Seemen) C.C. Huang & Y.T. Chang 1992 Guihaia 12: 302
Synonyms glauca var. hypargyrea Seemen ex Diels 1900
multinervis (Cheng & Hong) Govaerts 1998 nom. illeg.
stenophylla var hypargyrea (Seemen) A.Camus 1938
Cyclobalanopsis hypargyrea (Seem.)Y.C.Hsu & H.Wei Jen 1993
Cyclobalanopsis multinervis Cheng & Hong 1963
Local names duo mai qing gang;
Range 1000-2000 m in China (S Anhui, Fujian, NE Guangxi, W Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, E Sichuan ); often in pure stands;
Growth habit 12 m; rounded crown;
Leaves 7.5-15.5 x 2.5-5.5 cm ; evergreen; oblong-elliptic to elliptic-lanceolate; apex acute to acuminate; base cuneate or nearly rounded; margin apical 1/2 serrate, at the end of lateral veins; glossy green, hairless above ; grey green bloomy beneath, with simple hairs, then glabrescent; 10-15 vein pairs prominent below; petiole hairless, 1-2.7 cm long;
Fruits acorn 1.8 cm long, 1 cm wide, paired or to 6 on a short peduncle ; cup thin (less than 1 mm thick), 8 mm long, 1-1.5 cm in diameter; with 6-7 concentric rings with margin nearly entire; scar 3-5 cm wide, flat or convex; stylopodium persistent; maturing in second season;

Bark, twigs and

branchlet sulcate, with lenticels;
Hardiness zone, habitat zone 7-8;
Miscellaneous -- Sub-genus Cerris, Section Cyclobalanopsis;
-- Closely related to Q.glauca, but in Flora of China, this taxon is a true species.

Subspecies and