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  Quercus x ganderi
Author C.B.Wolf 1944 Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci. IV, 25: 178
Synonyms agrifolia x kelloggii
= x chasei McMinn, Babcock & Righter 1949
Local names
Range California (San Diego)
Growth habit 5 m
Leaves oboval, with irregular and shallow lobes, thick, sharp-toothed; stellate tomentose beneath at first, becoming glabrescent with axil tufts; semi-persisetnt ;

acorn like the one of kelloggii, but slenderer pointed ; maturing in 1 year, as in Q. agrifolia (2 years for Q. kelloggii);

Bark, twigs and

Hardiness zone, habitat

-- Sub-genus Quercus, Section Lobatae, Series Agrifoliae
-- rare;

-- In the past, Q. x ganderi was considered as the hybrid between Q. kelloggii and Q. agrifolia var. oxyadenia, while Q. x chasei was the hybrid between Q. kelloggii and Q. agrifolia ; but in 2017 Keuter & Manos found that:
Q. x chasei appears to be actually Q. kelloggii X Q. parvula var. shrevei...
2/ there is no molecular evidence for Q. agrifolia var. oxyadenia to be placed at a varietal rank: their work did not show a monophyletic lineage for this taxon ; it is actually probably the result of a climatical adaptation of Q. agrifolia to a drier environment and a higher elevation.

Subspecies and