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  Quercus x fontqueri
Author O.Schwarz 1936 Cavanillesia 8: 85
Synonyms pyrenaica x canariensis
Local names
Range Spain (Catalonia); South-West Portugal;
Growth habit tree or shrub;
Leaves 7-13 x 4-8 cm, subpersistent, leathery; base cordate asymmetrical; sinuate-lobate with lobes simple or lobulate, with deep and narrow sinuses; at first stellate pubescent above, becoming glabrous with some hairs persistent along midrib; long whitish tomentose below at first, becoming nearly hairless and glaucous, waxy, with some hairs along veins; 7-9 vein pairs with sinusal ones; tertiary veins slender; petiole slender 1-2 cm, sulcate, hairy obove;
Flowers male catkins with hairy axis, large oval bracts; flowering in April-May;
Fruits nut 2-3 cm long, elongate, with apex puberulent slightly depressed; sessil or on a short, pubescent peduncle; cup with appressed, triangular, pointed, tomentose scales;

Bark, twigs and

twig sulcate, pinkish brown, tomentose at first, becoming glabrous, with numerous lenticels; bud 4-9 mm, persistent bracts, with pubescent, ciliate scales;
Hardiness zone, habitat
Miscellaneous rare;
Subspecies and
-- var. asplenifolia: leaves dark green above, with lobes divided into 2-3 lobules and very deep sinuses
-- hybridizes with Q.petraea subsp  huguetiana, and with Q. x cerrioides (= Q. x paui C.Vicioso) ;

drawing of Q. x fontqueri