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  Quercus x firmurensis
Author Hy 1898 Bull. Soc. Étude Fl. Franç.-Helv. 1: 11
Synonyms pubescens x pyrenaica
Local names
Range France; Spain (Navarra, Cataluña);
Growth habit tree or shrub;
Leaves 5-7 x 3.55 cm, semi-evergreen, leathery, elliptic-obovate; dark, glabrescent above, with stellate pubescence when young; densely tomentose beneath, especially along midrib (same types of hairs as in Q. pubescens, plus stipitate fasciculate trichomes); lobes irregular, simple, obtuse; apex acute; base cordate, slightly asymmetrical; 5-6 vein pairs, with sinusal veins; tertiary veins evident; petiole 0.5-,51 cm, tomentose;
Fruits acorn stalkless or with a peduncle shorter than the petiole; cup with pubescent, greyish scales;

Bark, twigs and

both twigs and 3-5 mm long buds densely tomentose; stipules often persistent until fall;
Hardiness zone, habitat

-- The today's Spanish Authors (F.M.Vazquez & al.) consider this taxon as the hybrid between Q. pyrenaica and Q. pubescens subsp lanuginosa.
-- For some Authors, Q.x firmurensis = Q.humilis subsp lanuginosa (Lam.) Franco and Lopez 1987..., thus = Q. pubescens subsp palensis sensu O.Schwarz;


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