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  Quercus x eborense
Author Vila-Viçosa, Capelo, P. Alves, J. Junqueira, R. Almeida & F.M. Vázquez 2022
Synonyms coccifera X rotundifolia
Local names
Range South Portugal, mainly in Alentejo;
Growth habit shrub to 3 m;

2-5 cm x 1-3.5; orbicular to ovate or obovate; adaxially dark green, glabrous or glabrescent; abaxially light green, becoming greyish because of a pubescence like the one of Q. rotundifolia, mainly on young leaves and twigs, then turning glabrescent with age; margin entire or with spiny teeth as Q. coccifera. The foliar tomentum is made of stellate and multistellate trichomes, appressed, with 160 µm long rays; the foliar structure is like for Q. rotundifolia, with veins often imbricate and anastomosing at margin, and at an angle with the midrib near 90° at the basal part of the blade.

Fruits acorn maturing first year; cup with thick scales, appressed, but sometimes free like those of Q. coccifera.

Bark, twigs and

Hardiness zone, habitat among parents;
Miscellaneous -- The name "eborense" means "in the country of Evora, main town of Alentejo;
-- Differs from Q. airensis in having appressed stellate and multistellate, with less than 160 µm long rays (300-500 µm for Q. airensis);

Subspecies and