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  Quercus chenii
Author Nakai 1924 J. Arnold Arbor. 5: 74 1924
Synonyms acutissima subsp chenii (Nakai) A.Camus 1934
acutissima var. chenii (Nak.) Menitsky 1973
acutissima var. brevipetioleata C.Ho 1952
chenii var. linanensis M.C.Liu & X.L.Shenin 1992
Local names xiao ye li
Range central China, to 600 m ;
Growth habit 30 m high;
Leaves 7-12 cm long and 2-4 wide; lanceolate or oval-lanceolate; apex acute acuminate; base asymmetrically rounded; magin serrate, with thin 3-4 mm long teeth; glabrous both sides, even when young, except sometimes rare hairs on veins abaxially; 13-17 vein pairs, parallel; petiole hairless 0.8-1.5 mm long;
Fruits acorn ellipsoid 1.5-2 cm long x 1.3-1.5 in diameter, silky and mucronate at the tip; often solitary on a very short tomentose peduncle; cup halfround 1.5 cm in diameter, scales spreading,straight and tomentose; maturing in 2 years;

Bark, twigs and

bark thick, rugose and furrowed; twig hairless, brown; bud oblong, subacute, with scales often obtuse;
Hardiness zone, habitat prefers lime-free soils; moderate hardiness (withstands -15C);
Miscellaneous -- A.Camus : tome 1, p. 580, n° 120;
-- Subgenus Cerris, section Cerris, subsection Campylolepides (with acutissima and variabilis);
-- In fact very close to the species-type acutissima (geographical form ?) ; for some authors (Govaerts & Frodin), it's a good species.

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