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  Quercus x capeloana
Author Vila-Viçosa, P.Alves, P. Lemos, R. Almeida & F.M. Vázquez 2022
Synonyms pseudococcifera X suber
Local names
Range Portugal; Estremadure;
Growth habit reaches 4 m tall.
Leaves 3-8 cm x 1-4; lanceolate; margin denticulate; adaxially dark green, glabescent with stellate trichomes; abaxially pubescent, with stellate and multi-stellate trichomes; secondary veins biforked and anastomosing at margin, those of the basal part of the blade at an angle of almost 90° with midrib, and an angle more and more acute while going to the foliar apex; petiole pubescent;
Fruits cup with large, totally free, erected, terete, thick scales, becoming recurved at maturity; ripening in 2 years;

Bark, twigs and

corky bark, whitish to orangish
Hardiness zone, habitat among parents, on mixed calcarous and sandy soils.
Miscellaneous -- Differs from Q. coscojosuberiformis, which has scales almost connate, or appressed-fused, erect only at their apex.

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