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  Quercus x andegavensis
Author Hy 1895 Bull. Soc. Bot. France 42: 558 1895.
Synonyms pyrenaica x robur (pyrenaica dominant)

= x rechinii Hy 1896 (when robur is dominant)
Local names
Range France, Spain (Navarra, near Roncesvalles);
Growth habit
Leaves 6-10 cm x 3-5; pinnatilobate; dark green above, becoming nearly hairless; below with thick tomentum at first, then glabrescent with only rare axil tufts; apex rather obtuse; base cordate or truncate, often asymmetrical; lobes ovate, obtuse, sometimes lobulate; 5-8 vein pairs, prominent below, with intercalary veins; petiole tomentose 0.5-1 cm long;
Fruits acorn on a tomentose peduncle 1-3 cm long; cup with tomentose scales ending in elongate obtuse tip;

Bark, twigs and

twig tomentose; bud 4-8 mm long, with tomentose scales ciliate at rim; stipules sometimes persistent;
Hardiness zone, habitat

-- Actually one must distinguish Q.x rechinii, in which Q.robur is dominant = twigs glabrous; bud glabrescent, 3-5 mm; leaves 7-12 x 5-7 cm, glabrous on both sides (or sometimes some simple hairs along midrib), lobes often lobulate, 5-8 vein pairs with numerous intercalary veins; petiole glabrous or nearly so, 3-7 mm long; acorn with hairless, 2-4.5 cm peduncle;

-- The hybrid between Q. pyrenaica and Q. orocantabrica has a name : Q. x subandegavensis A. Camus 1935
acute lobes, foliar margin more or less pinnate, adaxially glabrescent, abaxially tomentose, petiole short and reddish. In 2022, Vila-Viçosa & al. showed that this taxon is a synonym of Q. x tavaresii.

-- The hybrid between Q. pyrenaica and Q. estremadurensis, named Q. x henriquesii Franco & Vasconcelos 1954 is, for Vila-Viçosa & al. 2022, a synonym of Q. welwitschii.

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