Quercus Wesmaeli Trel. 1924

Twigs rather slender (2-3 mm.), somewhat fluted, quickly glabrous and reddish, or remaining
matted-tomentose nearly through the first season. Buds dull light brown, glabrous, more or
less prismatic-ovoid, 2 x 3 mm. Leaves deciduous, elliptical, either blunt or acute at both ends,
entire, revolute, small (2 x6 cm.), glabrous and glossy above, dull and glabrescent or with
axillary tufts beneath; veins about 8 pairs, forking and looped near the margin; petiole glabrescent,
3-5 mm. long. Catkins: male 60 mm. long, woolly, closely flowered, the glabrous oblong anthers
little exserted. Fruit annual?, solitary or paired on short stout peduncles; cup shallow-cup-shaped,
moderate (12-15 mm. in diameter), with thin appressed rather blunt dull brown glabrescent scales;
acorn ovoid, 15 mm. long, scarcely one-third included.
Central American region.