Quercus tonduzii Seem. 1904

Twigs moderate (3-4 mm.), fluted, soon glabrous, from rather dull reddish becoming gray
with rather prominent small lenticels. Buds light brown, more or less woolly above, prismatico-ovoid
, 3 x 5 mm. Leaves deciduous ?, oblanceolate, very acute at both ends, entire, undulate, revolute,
moderate (3-4 x 9-10 cm.), glossy and glabrous on both faces or with sparing axillary tufts beneath;
veins about 8-10 pairs, forking and looped; petiole more or less villous, or glabrescent, 2 x 5 mm.
Catkins?. Fruit annual, solitary on a very short thick stalk; cup saucer-shaped, rather large
(20 mm. in diameter), with thin rather close obtuse slightly hairy brown scales; acorn ovoid,
20 mm. long, covered at base only.