Quercus perpallida Trel. 1924

Glabrous. Twigs slender (2 mm.), fluted, lightly glaucous, grayish with scarcely distinguishable lenticels. Buds
rather glossy brown, round-ovoid, 2 x 3 mm. Leaves deciduous, oblong, obtuse, truncately very slightly cordate,
coarsely mucronately low-serrate, moderate (2-3 x 5-9 cm.), or 3-4 x 12-13 cm. and more deeply toothed,
dull and pale, especially beneath; veins about 10 pairs, often branched, at most indistinctly looped, white and
with white reticulation; petiole slightly pruinose, 1 x 2 mm. Catkins: male glabrate, the small glabrous anthers
subincluded. Fruit ?.