Quercus pennivenia Trel. 1924

Twigs very stout (6-10 mm.), fluted, tomentose. Buds from gray-hairy glabrescent,
with elongated brown scales, ovoid, 6 x 12 mm. Leaves deciduous?, round-obovate,
very obtuse, deeply cordate, entire, aristate from the upper veins, large (fully 15 x 15 cm.),
the very convex upper face glabrous and glossy, the lower loosely dingy-tomentose;
veins about 8 pairs, looping near the slightly revolute margin, the larger ones pinnately
branching; petiole from yellow-hairy glabrescent, 4 x 35-50 mm. Catkins?. Fruit annual,
solitary or paired on a puberulent peduncle scarcely 5 mm. long; cup rather shallow
cup-shaped with contracted throat, moderate (15 mm. in diameter), with thin appressed
very blunt scales from tomentulose becoming glabrate and glossy brown; acorn
depressed, included.
Western Sierra Madre region of Mexico.