Quercus matagalpana Trel. 1924

Twigs moderate (3 mm.), fluted, from scurfy-tomentose glabrescent
and buff and rather glossy. Buds light brown, rather hairy, rounded,
3 mm. in diameter, with persistent stipules. Leaves deciduous,
oblanceolate-obovate, obtuse or slightly acuminate, rather cuneate to the
slightly cordate narrow base, crenate-dentate, large (6-9 x 13-15 cm.),
scarcely glossy, glabrescent above, the bullate-granular lower face sparingly
floccose along the veins; veins about 18-20 pairs, scarcely looped;
petiole-somewhat tomentose, scarcely 2 x 2 mm. Catkins?. Fruit annual?,
apparently solitary and short-stalked; cup shallow-saucer-shaped, rather
large (15-20 mm. in diameter), with somewhat thick-based appressed short
canescent scales; acorn ovoid, 20 mm. long, covered at base only.
Central American region.