Quercus leiophylla A. de Candolle 1864

Twigs rather slender (2-3 mm.), fluted, glabrous, from light brown becoming buff or ashen with
small pale lenticels. Buds dull light brown, glabrous, rounded, scarcely 2 mm. in diameter. Leaves
evergreen, lanceolate or oblanceolate, acute at both ends, entire or typically serrate above the middle,
somewhat revolute, rather small (1.5-3 x 7-12 cm), glossy and glabrous; veins about 12 pairs, looped;
petiole glabrous, 1 x 2-3 mm. Catkins?. Fruit annual, solitary or paired on a glabrous peduncle
2 x 10-15 mm.; cup somewhat turbinate, large (20-30 mm. in diameter), with rather thick appressed
acute yellow-or gray-tomentose scales; acorn ovoid, 25-30 mm. long, about one-third included.