Quercus jonesi Trel. 1924

Twigs stout (5 mm.), strongly fluted, glabrous, dull purplish with minute pale lenticels. Buds light brown,
soft-hairy, round-ovoid, about 3 mm. in diameter. Leaves deciduous, some what pandurately round-obovate,
obtuse or shortly triangular-acuminate, cordate, entire or lightly repand, little crisped, minutely cartilaginous-revolute,
large (6-10 x 9-11 cm.), at most sparingly stellate above, denudably but densely finely coppery-stellate beneath,
and with some axillary tufts; veins about 8 pairs, with unequal often pinnate branches, somewhat irregu larly looped;
petiole glabrate, red, 2 x 4 mm. Catkins: male of 1 or 2 sessile flowers with thin hairy scales and slender styles.
Fruit annual, sessile, the (immature) rounded cup with thin glossy brown appressed blunt scales.