Quercus greggii (A.DC) Trel. 1924.

Twigs moderately stout (3 mm.), little fluted, rusty stellate-tomentose becoming glabrous and gray
with prominent small lenticels the second year. Buds hairy, round-ovoid, 2 mm. in diameter. Leaves
evergreen, elliptical-obovate, mucronately very obtuse, cordate, entire or slightly repand above,
somewhat revolute, rather small (3-5 x 4-7 cm.), papillate and glabrate except for the granular or
puberulent midrib above, rusty stellate-floccose beneath, the denudable surface bullate-granular;
veins about 6-8 pairs, repeatedly branching and mostly looped at some distance from the margin;
petiole tomentose or glabrate, 2 x 5-10 mm. Catkins?. Fruit apparently annual, nearly sessile,
moderate, the cup with thin appressed acute brown-hairy scales; acorn somewhat conical, 20 mm.
long, apparently covered only at the base.