Quercus flagellifera Trel. 1924

Twigs slender (2 mm.), fluted, from scurfy, glabrate, somewhat glossy red with little-evijdent
lenticels. Buds light brown, glabrous and glossy, small, for a time with linear papery stipules
about 10 mm long Leaves deciduous?, oblanceolate, long-acute, cuneate or the narrowed
base mostly abruptly rounded, entire or with a few low and small deltoid serratures bearing
very slender usually ascending awns, finely crisped and minutely revolute, rather small
(2-2.5 x 1-16 cm.), glossy and glabrous on both faces; veins 20 pairs or more, nearly
horizontal, looped, the fine venulation little evident beneath but sharply raised above;
petiole somewhat woolly or glabrescent, scarcely 1 x 2 mm. Flowers and fruit?.
Central American region.