Quercus Endlichiana Trel. 1924

Twigs moderate (3 mm.), fluted, from closely yellow-tomentose glabrate and glossy
reddish with minute inconspicuous lenticels. Buds very light browm, gray-hairy,
subfusiform, 4 x 7 mm. Leaves deciduous?, obovate, very obtuse, rather deeply
cordate or revolutely subauriculate, entire or slightly undulate, crisped, moderate
(4.5-8 x 6-13 cm.), slightly glossy green, becoming glabrous except for occasional
stellate fleece and large pale axillary tufts beneath; veins about 8 pairs, frequently forking,
irregularly looped; petiole from floccose becoming glabrous, 2 x 5-10 mm. Catkins: male
50 mm. long, glabrate, closely flowered, the glabrous ellipsoid anthers little exserted;
female scarcely 5 mm. long, with 1 or 2 flowers. Fruit annual, solitary or paired, nearly
sessile; cup somewdiat turbinate, small (scarcely 10 mm. in diameter), with thin appressed
pale brown or somewhat canescent scales; acorn ovoid, about 8 mm. long, rather
persistently gray-silky, half-included.
Western Sierra Madre region of Mexico.