Quercus bipedalis Trel. 1924

Twigs slender (2 mm.), somewhat fluted, yellow- or gray-tomentose, becoming
subglabrous and with small rather prominent lenticels in the second year. Buds
at length glossy light brown and glabrate, rounded, 2 mm. in diameter. Leaves
deciduous, elliptical or widened upwards, mucronately obtuse to subacute,
rounded at base or slightly cordate, undulate to rather sharply repand- or
crenate-serrate with very short calloused teeth, very minutely subrevolute or
cartilaginous-thickened, small (1-3 x 2.5-5.5 cm.), rather dull, minutely and openly
dingy-stellulate above, paler and closely but detachably closely stellate-tufted or
tomentulose beneath; veins about 10-12 pairs, somewhat looped, pinnately
impressed above; petiole pubescent, about 3 mm. long. Catkins?. Fruit annual,
solitary or paired on dingy tomentose peduncles 15 mm. long or less; cup
half-round, small (10 mm. in diameter), with thin appressed acute red-tipped
scales dingy- or gray-tomentulose below.
Western Sierra Madre region of Mexico.