Quercus aerea Trel. 1924

Twigs moderate (3 mm.), fluted, rather persistently yellow-tomentulose or scurfy, reddish
with small pale lenticels when denuded. Buds round-ovoid, glabrescent. Leaves evergreen,
elliptical to obovate or subpentagonal, aristately acute or acuminate, shallowly cordate with
closed sinus, entire or aristately few-toothed above, narrowly revolute, moderate (4-5 x 8-10
cm.), slightly glossy, rather bluish green and sparsely scurfy above, denudably yellow-puberulent
and resiniferous beneath so as to be of the color of "bronzy old gold"; veins about 8-10 pairs,
somewhat branched, looped near the margin, with rather prominent cross-veins beneath; petiole
tomentulose, 2 x 4 mm. Flowers and fruit?